Online Reputation Service

Reputation Hawk LLC launched as a full service ORM (Online Reputation Management) service provider in early 2007. Since that time we have employed dozens of new techniques and built out extensive web site and link building networks that facilitate our ability to shape search results. If your personal or company search results are the victim of outdated information, unfair comments, or competitor slander, we would like to take a look at your case and see how we can help.

Why We Are Different

  • Professional Writing.
  • All of the content we write for your campaign is written by USA and UK based professional writers. We make sure that not only your articles but even your link descriptions are written by professional authors.

  • Thousands of accounts across link building networks
  • We literally have thousands of accounts where we are able to build links for our clients. This enhances our ability to shape your search results.

  • No long term contracts.
  • Six month to one year long contracts are standard in this industry. Everything we do is month to month and you are completely free to cancel at any time.

  • Reasonable fees regardless of who you are.
  • All of our campaigns run for less than $1,000/Month per entity. We do not base quotes on the size of your company.

  • 85/15 focus on constantly tweaking/improving our service over obtaining new clients.
  • This may seem like an odd statement, but in this industry it's very important. There are many other Online Reputation Management Services who have a systematic process that they designed years ago which is largely ineffective. They devote most of their time to obtaining new clients and moving them through this same process with little to moderate results. We are different. About 85% of our focus as a company is centered around improving our site network, staying on top of algorithm movement in Google, and constantly tweaking/improving our service. For you this equates to a much stronger possibility at achieving solid, concrete results.

  • The ability to control your search results.
  • We have placed an enormous amount of effort into giving our clients the ability to control their search results. What does that mean? We setup sites in your campaign designed to lock up spots in your top 20. We are able to give you an online login where you can pull up each site, edit content, add content, etc... This will ultimately help you shape what people see when they search for you or your company. There are many sites like Ning, Squidoo, etc where you can start a profile, login online, and edit that site. But, the problem with those sites is that they aren't strong enough in the majority of cases to hold solid rankings in the search engines. Additionally your profile on those sites would be filled with Google ads possibly featuring advertisements from your competitors and all sorts of strange content. Our sites are strong, professional, and you can fully control you or your company's profile.

If you are thinking about a new web site or updating your current site I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to  get in contact  and we can discuss what I can do for you.