SEO Analysis

Generate Detailed SEO Reports for the Pages of your Website

This SEO Analyser is one of the most powerful tools in the Web SEO Analytic Toolbox

The Tool produces a Full SEO Report for a particular page or website, analyser the most important SEO factors that are used by the major search engines and offers detailed Diagnostics with all the Errors and Warnings that were found during the Analysis.
The Web SEO Analysis Report is divided in 5 main segments: The Domain Segment, the Traffic Segment, the Page Segment, the Link Structure Segment and the Diagnostics Segment.

The Domain Segment contains important information about the Domain including:
  • Domain Authority, Score and Global Rank
  • Link Quantity and Quality
  • PageRank & WebzyRank
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • DMOZ Categories, Yahoo Directory & Indexing
  • Domain Age
  • Load Time & Speed
  • Who's Records
  • Contact Information
  • Robots.txt, Domain Trust and more

The Traffic Segment

The Traffic Segment contains various traffic estimations about the Website including:
  • Domain Traffic Rank
  • Alexa Rank metrics
  • Compete Rank metrics & Monthly Estimated Visitors
  • Graphs & Charts for the Traffic Trends, the Bounce Rate, the Page views, the Time on Site and more

The Page Segment

The Page Segment groups together all the important information about the analysed page including:
  • Page Analysis
  • Number of Links, PageRank & WebzyRank
  • Complete Textual & Keyword Analysis
  • Social Media Statistics & the Page's WuzzRank
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • HTML Validation
  • Other information such as Spider View, Keyword Cloud and more

Diagnostics Segment Link Structure Segment

The Link Structure Segment will provide you with:
  • Useful Graphs & Pie Charts that represent the Link Types & quality
  • Data about the amount of Page Rank that flows internally
  • A detailed view of the Link Structure of the page
  • The number & the list of all Broken Links

Diagnostics Segment

The Diagnostics Segment contains various information about the SEO status of the page including:
  • A list of Errors that were detected during the Analysis
  • A list of Warnings and minor problems that might affect your rankings
  • A list of Info messages that provide additional data about the analysed page

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