Content marketing

Your website content needs to be more than just informative : it needs to be persuasive, and demonstrate your position as a leader in your field. A strong content marketing strategy will allow you to stand out above your competitors in search, and grow your reputation among your target audience.

Email and newsletter marketing

The newsletter is still one of the best ways to reach out to your clients. Thanks to today’s tools, email can be your most powerful asset in a marketing strategy focused on conversion and relationship-building.

Web marketing plan

A Web marketing plan gives structure to your online marketing efforts, making sure that they correspond with your goals, and keeping them within a controlled and detailed timeline. We’ll make sure your plan fits well with your company’s global marketing strategy, and that it makes the most of your existing strategic assets.

Bloggers and influencers relations

Developing relationships with influential bloggers can increase your visibility and build your reputation. Using a targeted strategy tailored to your needs, we can turn this increased visibility into increased traffic to your site and then into sales (online or off). It will have an impact on your organic search ranking, too.

Content marketing strategy success factors

For us, these are the reasons why content marketing is central to success online. So, to be successful, you need a plan for how content marketing can support your goals. We explain how in our 7 Step Guide to content marketing guide

  • Shareable content drives creates awareness for your brand. If your content engages readers they will share it via their social accounts, email or word-of-mouth as a recom- mendation. Everyone is an influencer today!
  • Content drives results from SEO. Google has made this important since 1998 when it launched. Content became, and still is, king since websites are content and being found relies on content.
  • Content drives purchases. We base our decisions on online content when shopping online or researching for offline purchases.
  • Syndicated content drives purchases. Content marketing strategy is much broader than your site though, and includes content on social networks, online publishers, com- parison sites, blogs and many other types of site which help engagement and influence sales.
  • User generated content drives purchases. Buyer behaviour has changed, we now want to reference wider opinion from others like us about products and services, whether rat- ing sites, blogs or social networks – buyers dig out content to help their decision making.
  • Content on a range of platforms drives purchases. The importance of the internet continues to increase as technology (especially smart phones and tablets) evolve and we evolve with them.

If you are thinking about a new web site or updating your current site I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to  get in contact  and we can discuss what I can do for you.